Tennessee Titans’ Treylon Burks off to good start after having asthma, conditioning issues during rookie minicamp

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The first day of training camp was an encouraging start for Tennessee Titans rookie wide receiver Treylon Burks. For starters, he was on the field, which was something he wasn’t able to do during minicamp because of asthma and conditioning issues.

Burks said he could have made a better impression when he first got to the Titans, who are relying on him to take on a large role in their offense as a rookie.

“That’s just being accountable,” Burks said. “I should have taken a better attack on that. But now that I am, you can tell a big difference.”

The “better attack” includes taking conditioning more seriously and making sure that he utilizes his inhaler to stay on top of asthma complications. Titans coach Mike Vrabel told him that everything would take care of itself if he took things one day at a time.

Burks stayed behind with the rookies after minicamp to work on conditioning. He said that he lost about six pounds and was noticeably slimmer when he took the field Wednesday. There were no signs of fatigue unlike the first practice of rookie minicamp.

Ryan Tannehill praised Burks for having the self-awareness to recognize that missed opportunity as well as putting in the work to rectify things going forward. That work included throwing sessions with Tannehill to develop chemistry and timing.

Burks’ ability to gain yards after the catch and make plays down the field could add a much needed explosive element to the Titans’ passing game.

He made a diving catch on a deep pass from Tannehill on his first rep of 7-on-7 drills during Wednesday’s practice, and he later caught a back shoulder throw from Tannehill.

“Making plays like that does a lot for building confidence from a quarterback like myself,” Tannehill said. “Knowing what you’re going to over there. If he wins consistently and makes plays like that, it gives you a lot of confidence to go his direction.”

Added Burks: “I wanted to show up and gain that respect from Ryan [Tannehill], the vets and everybody else on the team. Let them know that I’m not here just to make money. I’m here to win a championship.”

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