Ricketts family & Kenneth Griffin to make combined offer


Hedge fund manager Kenneth Griffin and the Ricketts family – the owners of the Chicago Cubs MLB franchise – are set to launch a joint bid to buy Chelsea.

There are believed to be 200 investors keeping tabs on the Blues’ situation, and interested parties need to submit their proposals before Friday.

And it has been confirmed that a ‘blockbuster’ bid from a consortium fronted by multibillionaire Griffin and the Ricketts family will be submitted prior to that deadline.

“The Ricketts Family, owners of the Chicago Cubs, can confirm they will be leading an investment group that will make a formal bid for Chelsea Football Club this Friday,” a spokesperson revealed to Sky News on Wednesday.

“As long-time operators of an iconic professional sports team, the Ricketts Family and their partners understand the importance of investing for success on the pitch, while respecting the traditions of the club, the fans and the community.


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