Randy Gregory burns Cowboys, will sign with Broncos instead

It turns out Randy Gregory will NOT be re-signing with the Dallas Cowboys and is taking his talents to the AFC West and the Denver Broncos. 

What’s NFL free agency without a little bit of drama?

In what is truly a last-minute plot twist, the reported deal between the Dallas Cowboys and defensive end Randy Gregory fell apart at the 11th hour. Things appeared to be such a done deal with the Cowboys that the team tweeted out an announcement that he’d be returning to the team with a fresh new contract.

Not so fast, it would appear.

According to Denver reporter Vic Lombardi, Gregory had a change of heart and is instead deciding to sign with the Broncos rather than the Cowboys.

Mike Garofolo also reports that Gregory is headed to Denver and won’t be returning to Dallas.

If that’s not enough proof, the Cowboys deleted their tweet announcing Gregory’s return.

While it’s a crushing blow for the Cowboys, who like Gregory’s decision to leave them at the alter did a complete 180 from where it was in 2020, the impact of this is far greater on what it means for the Broncos.

The offseason frenzy was kickstarted by the Denver Broncos trading for Russell Wilson, which ignited an arms race in the AFC West as everyone attempts to catch the Chiefs sleeping at the wheel. Whether the Chiefs blinked long enough for the rest of the division to catch up is going to be decided on the field this fall and not through transactions in March, but the conversation about how it will all play out is one of the most titillating of the early offseason.

Denver not only added Wilson, but now adds Gregory to a defense that could be blustering this upcoming season. Bradley Chubb and Patrick Surtain are already stars and there’s a chance that Von Miller could come home to try and win another Super Bowl with the Broncos.

Adding Gregory also counters moves made by the Chargers this offseason to bolster their defense. Adding J.C. Jackson on Monday after trading for Khalil Mack late last week is a tremendous show of force and a Neo-esqe flex that announced Los Angeles as a team to be taken seriously as potential king slayers in the West.

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