Prospective buyers receive ‘industry brochure’ with money-making tips


Parties interested in buying Chelsea have received an ‘industry brochure’ revealing how the club can make more money in the future.

It was reported on Tuesday that around 200 investors have expressed an interest in buying the Blues ahead of Friday’s deadline for proposals to be submitted.

And the Daily Mail add that those looking to take control from Roman Abramovich have been receiving advice on how to nearly double the club’s revenue should they become the new owners.

The first point of action is related to Stamford Bridge. Chelsea’s stadium is currently the ninth largest in the Premier League with a capacity of just over 40,000, restricting the Blues’ matchday income to around £70m a season.

The brochure points out that increasing stadium capacity to 62,500 would generate £200m, nearly a 200% increase on existing revenue.


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