Mexican-Canadian figure Marcelo Flores commits to El Tri


Mexican-Canadian prospect Marcelo Flores has announced he will be representing El Tri “wholeheartedly” for the rest of his professional career.

In his official statement, the player expressed in detail his relationship to Canada, Mexico and England, but ultimately confessed his commitment to his birth country.

“I’ve been thinking about these questions for a while. I’ll probably never be able to fully answer them. And although I have not been able to discover the answers, I do know this: being different does not make me less Mexican. Today, I speak from the heart and feel the need to communicate something I’ve known to be true for a while that I think is important you hear directly from me.

“I will represent Mexico wholeheartedly for the rest of my professional life,” he stated.

The Arsenal figure’s decision ends the longstanding recruitment mission by both countries. Prior to his commitment, Canadian head coach John Herdman addressed Flores’ situation, adding he wanted the player on the roster. But despite his best efforts, his connection to Mexico was too strong.


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