Mecole Hardman calls out PFF for doubting him, Chiefs with recent retweet

Mecole Hardman clearly isn’t a fan of Pro Football Focus doubting him and the rest of the Kansas City offense. 

Just because the Kansas City Chiefs traded speedster Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins, it looks like plenty of people are ready to write this team off. Do the KC doubters not remember that Patrick Mahomes is the signal-caller and he’s got plenty of weapons?

Per Pro Football Focus, it’s unknown if this team is still a top three offense. With their latest tweet, they posted that question, and didn’t even include Mecole Hardman in their graphic. It’s safe to say the speedster didn’t like that.

Mecole Hardman will be ready to put on a show in 2022

That tweet above was retweeted by Hardman. That tells fans that he knows people continue to question his abilities. On top of that, people are still wondering if Kansas City will be able to make noise in the AFC without Hill on the field.

There’s no arguing that Hill is one of the best wideouts in the game. His speed alone completely changes things for an offense. Just because Hill is now with the Dolphins, though, that doesn’t mean that Kansas City still isn’t a powerhouse to watch.

Mahomes has solidified himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the game. The loss of one player isn’t going to turn him from a superstar to an average Joe. Hardman is also known for his quick wheels and he’ll be ready to ball out this campaign.

In 2021, Hardman posted career highs with his 59 receptions for 693 yards. He’ll play an even larger role for this team next season. Hardman will be flying down the field with some extra pep in his step now too thanks to PFF.

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