Liverpool are the perfect yin to Man City’s yang


‘Styles make fights.’

You’ll have heard that phrase about a 100 trillion times if you’ve ever watched professional boxing or MMA on television.

It’s a phrase with a pretty simple, and obvious, meaning: If boxers or mixed martial artists preferred fighting style complements their opponent’s style, then you expect a bloody great night of entertainment.

That’s what we got when the brawler Deontay Wilder faced off against the more technical Tyson Fury last year, when the brawler Joe Frazier fought the more technical Muhammed Ali in the 70s, and when the brawler Roberto Duran went toe-to-toe with the more technical Sugar Ray Leonard in 1980.

It was an odd antithetical chemistry which brought out the best in each of these fighters during their rivalries, and made each and every one of the bouts stone-cold classics. And it’s a lack of that which makes fights like Tyson Fury and the equally technically gifted Oleksandr Usyk less appealing as, on paper, that clash of styles just doesn’t work (but that’s an article for another day on another website).


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