LeBron James responds to Tom Brady’s challenge for a 1-on-1 matchup

Tom Brady has come up with an interesting challenge for LeBron James. Who do you think would win this 1-on-1 matchup between these legends?

When presented with the opportunity to ask a question of one of the most impressive athletes the world has ever seen, Tom Brady decided to pose an interesting challenge for LeBron James.

While James was opening things up for a question and answer session on Twitter, Brady asked whether or not the Los Angeles Lakers star thought he could beat the legendary quarterback in an intriguing hockey challenge.

To be more specific, Brady asked who would win in a five-round, ice hockey shootout.

And when he had the opportunity, James made sure to respond to Brady’s hypothetical challenge.

Tom Brady challenges LeBron James to 1-on-1 ice hockey challenge

It shouldn’t be shocking that James would believe that he is capable of beating Brady in such an odd challenge. Of course, it appears as if James is interested in finding an alternative way of completing said challenge.

It should be noted that Brady, being another one of the most successful athletes in history, is also accomplished and impressive and talented. It’s safe to assume that he’d could potentially be able to win some sort of challenge such as this.

Who knows which of these legends would actually come out on top of this challenge? It would be fascinating to watch though. If we could actually get something like this live streamed for all to see, it’d be must-watch content.

How can we make something like this actually possible? Can we get more sports legends competing against each other in sports that neither of them play?

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