Julian Nagelsmann responds to Joan Laporta & Antonio Conte criticism


Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann has cooled the war of words he finds himself in with both Barcelona president Joan Laporta and Tottenham head coach Antonio Conte.

Nagelsmann angered Laporta with questions over Barcelona’s spending this summer, prompting a furious response from the Blaugrana chief, while Conte hit out at the Bayern boss for ‘disrespectful’ comments over his interest in signing striker Harry Kane.

Speaking ahead of his side’s Supercup clash with RB Leipzig, Nagelsmann insisted he has no problem with either Laporta and Conte, but defended his right to voice his opinion on things outside his club.

On Laporta’s response, Nagelsmann began: “It’s good that he expresses himself, I would do that too

“It was just a question from a fan point of view. I have no problem with Laporta speaking out, he has to represent his club.”

Then asked about Conte’s comments, Nagelsmann insisted he isn’t scared of ruffling feathers with his opinions.

“I’ll always give my opinion in the future,” he said. “I don’t write down all my answers before the press conference.

“It’s coming spontaneously, that’s maybe not always the smartest thing. I don’t have a problem with Conte or Laporta responding back, that’s part of the game.

“It wasn’t a dramatic statement, I have a good relationship with Conte.”


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