Full Scorecard of Sri Lanka vs Pakistan 2nd Test 2022 – Score Report

26.2 to Mohammad Rizwan, And this time Rizwan can’t get the bat down in time, he’s rapped on the back pad, and this looks plumb! He decides to review after discussing with Fawad, but I really don’t know why. This is three reds, and Pakistan have burned a review to boot. Rizwan was given a warning the previous ball, which spun sharply. He didn’t heed it, and went back again and that was that.. 88/4

40.1 to Fawad Alam, massive appeal and given! Pakistan don’t review. It was length on middle, Fawad played back. The ball skidded and went on with the arm, as he couldn’t bring his bat down and it rapped him on the pads plumb in front of the stumps. It would have crashed into the stumps confirms ball tracking. Sri Lanka continue to chip away. Pakistan lose their crisis man. 119/5

50.3 to Mohammad Nawaz, edged and taken! Another batter falls playing on the backfoot. It was a length ball outside off, rushed on to him after pitching, he attempted the cut but it was too close and full for the stroke, and as a result got a bottom edge to the keeper who took a good catch. 145/6

86.1 to Nauman Ali, And he strikes first up! Edged and taken! So that dropped chance last over isn’t costly, as Nauman again comes forward to defend and has edge taken by one that drifts in an spins away just enough. Dickwella completes the catch. 4 now for Mendis.. 226/9

88.1 to Yasir Shah, Yasir is given leg before here, after he misses a forward defence. He’s the last man though, so he opts for the review. It’s umpire’s call on hitting the stumps, and that means it’s the end of the Pakistan innings. And with it it’s a five-for for Ramesh Mendis.. 231/10

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