Every Trey Lance drop back on day 2 of 49ers training camp

Trey Lance dropped back to pass 17 times during the second practice of 49ers training camp. He finished 7-15 with an interception. Here’s what happened:

1)  Complete to Elijah Mitchell – Nick Bosa beat George Kittle around the right side. Lance stepped up and hit his checkdown back.

2) Incomplete to Brandon Aiyuk – DeMeco Ryans dialed up a blitz and the defense put good pressure on Lance who tried to force a throw over the middle to Aiyuk. Charvarius Ward was there and able to break up the pass.

3) Incomplete to Brandon Aiyuk – Deep out route to the right. Aiyuk was open but the pass was high and behind the receiver.

4) Incomplete to Jauan Jennings – Had Jennings wide open on a quick in route, ball thrown well behind him.

5) Pressure forces Lance to scramble for a nice gain down the left sideline.

6) Pressure forces Lance to scramble, another nice gain using his legs. Lance is a much better runner in these situations than he is on designed runs.

7) Complete to George Kittle – Maurice Hurst beat Aaron Banks. Lance fits the ball into a tight space to George Kittle.

8) Complete to Ray Ray McCloud – Nice zip on this through to McCloud outside the numbers.

9) Complete to Brandon Aiyuk – Pressure forces Lance to move to his left and he finds Aiyuk on the move from right to left. Nice play.

10) Complete to Jauan Jennings – The defense gets pressure in Lance’s face, Lance stands in and hits Jauan Jennings over the middle for a nice gain.

11) Complete to George Kittle – Lance hits Kittle on a quick throw over the middle.

12) Incomplete to Brandon Aiyuk – Nick Bosa jumps offside, and Lance takes the deep shot to Aiyuk down the left sideline. Aiyuk gets his hands on the ball but is unable to come down with it.

13) Incomplete to Ray-Ray McCloud – Lance tries to hit McCloud on what looked to be an over route and Talanoa Hufanga makes the play to knock the ball away.

14) Intercepted by Jimmie Ward – Lance throws to Brandon Aiyuk running an in route and never see’s Ward standing in front of him. The ball hits Ward in the chest for an interception.

15) Incomplete to Jauan Jennings – Lance tries to hit Jennings deep down the left side, but Charvarius Ward plays it perfectly and knocks the ball free.

16) Incomplete to Danny Gray – On a called shot play, Lance tries to hit Gray on a deep post. Charvarius Ward runs stride for stride with the rookie and the ball falls incomplete.

17) Complete to Brandon Aiyuk – Lance hits Aiyuk on a deep out route along the right sideline thrown with good anticipation and right on target. Perhaps the best throw from Lance outside the numbers so far in camp.

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