DK Metcalf trade offer the Seahawks can’t refuse

The trade price for WR DK Metcalf could include a trade package that the Seahawks can not refuse. What will it take for the Seahawks to give up their star receiver?

The Seattle Seahawks have already traded away Russell Wilson. The question at large is, what will it take for the Seahawks to trade DK Metcalf, as well?

Metcalf, who is up for a new contract after this season, has been the topic of discussion in terms of trades and who will cough up the right amount of cash for the star receiver. The Seahawks may be ready to move on from their breakout athlete, but only if the price is right.

The wide receiver market has taken a drastic change and will change how teams move forward with their receivers. But in this case, it is going to take a hefty contract and good trade for the Seahawks to give up Metcalf.

DK Metcalf rumors: Whose deal could win the Seahawks over?

The New York Jets may still inquire about Metcalf, and it’s probably the best deal so far for Seattle, should they want it. New York has plenty of draft capital on Day 1 and beyond. Upon seeing how much the likes of Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill fetched on the open market, it’s tough to blame the Seahawks if they get a little curious.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler gave an update on Metcalf’s situation, per Get Up:

“Teams are calling but Seattle is putting up the front that they don’t want to deal him but Metcalf and other teams believe that could change and Seattle could make a deal at the right price as we get closer to the draft.

I’m told Metcalf is even keel about all this and is open to staying in Seattle but knows this is big business. This could go either way. I just texted with a source in Seattle who said I believe he’s not going anywhere but who knows what’s going to happen?”

Adding Metcalf to the Jets roster would be an aggressive move and would take the 24-year-old stardom to the next level. Metcalf would be back with his former Ole Miss teammate, Elijah Moore, making him another playmaker for quarterback Zach Wilson.

The Jets would be able to provide the substantial contract with the opportunity for extension, which could keep Metcalf in New York for some time. With the trade proposal, if Metcalf becomes available near the 2022 NFL draft, the Jets would have to make sure their draft capital matches the talent in exchange.

New York could benefit from having a true No.1 wide receiver that is able to play alongside Corey Davis and Moore. Metcalf has been one of the best playmakers in the league for his first three seasons. Securing the deal with the Jets would benefit both teams, but not for cheap. The Seahawks may be able to boost their roster with the traded picks to make up for the loss of Metcalf.

Metcalf would be a perfect addition for the Jets, even if it costs them their No.10 pick. Metcalf could be the player Wilson needs to be successful in the coming seasons.

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