Cristiano Ronaldo should replace Harry Maguire as Man Utd captain


Bayern Munich and Canada star Alphonso Davies has become the latest high-profile figure to take a shot at ‘what’s his name’ Harry Maguire, insisting Cristiano Ronaldo should replace him as the captain of Manchester United.

Maguire has endured a tough season off the back of a great 2020/21 campaign for club and country and has become a lightning rod for United criticism this term.

The 29-year-old received the backing of several high-profile players after he was booed by parts of the Wembley crowd while on England duty last month, and Maguire’s role as United captain has come under scrutiny from the media this season.

Davies was live-streaming a pack opening on EA Sports’ FIFA 22 when he came across Maguire’s Ultimate Team card and began a monologue on the issue of the captaincy at Man Utd.

“Can you guys imagine…no, take this in….you’re Ronaldo, one of the greatest players ever in the 21st century. And what’s his name is your captain, Harry Maguire’s your captain. And you refer to him as ‘yes, cap’ or I don’t know what he says to him but like, getting leadership? Bro,” Davies said in disbelief.


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