5 essential resources for FPL managers during the 2022/23 season


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Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is back for the 2022/23 season and, if we’re honest, it’s usually panic stations as you prepare to assemble your team.

There’s new signings, players who have served you so well in the past (that you’re loyal to for that reason alone) and there’s unwanted price hikes – it’s enough to scramble anyone’s brain. But rather than stress out about how you’re going to manage your team this season, read on to see five essential resources to make it your most successful campaign to date.

1) Fantasy Football Hub My Team Tool

It’s fair to say that the Fantasy Football Hub website is stacked with fantastic tools for fantasy managers, but the latest release in its arsenal, the My Team Tool, has taken FPL planning to the next level.

This management feature allows FPL players to not only plan for the Gameweek in front of them, but also further into the future, bringing together points projections, suggested transfers, live rank and price changes. 

This is the first time fantasy managers have been able to track all of these key elements of the game in one central place, exactly matched to the specific mechanics of their current squad. It’s a quick and easy to use tool perfect for making winning fantasy decisions. 

Selecting your team for FPL Gameweek 1 allows you to find your FPL team rating and predicted points. It takes into account not only your predicted points Gameweek 1 squad, but also future potential, with the upcoming gameweeks weighted higher in the ratings. 

For the inexperienced fantasy managers, utilising the optimise button provides a huge shortcut to setting up your Gameweek 1 squad. It automatically selects the best team and captain according to the Fantasy Football Hub predicted points data. 

2) 90min

For the best football news, insight and opinion, look no further than 90min.com. Whether you’re looking for transfer rumours, player interviews, injury updates or just when and where you can watch the Premier League action, we’ve got you covered.

This season we’ll also be creating plenty of FPL content, including two regular articles every gameweek to guide your team to 22/23 Fantasy Premier League glory.

Check out our FPL homepage to read the latest fantasy football tips.

3) FotMob

FotMob is the essential livescores app for FPL managers. Set up the Premier League live scores on notifications to get alerted when a goal is scored. You can even tailor it to only notify you when your FPL players bag an attacking return.

For fantasy managers there’s two key currencies: the player who scores the goal and the player who creates the assist. All of this information is at your fingertips as soon as the goals fly in.

That’s not all though: FotMob also has a custom “FPL view” on the mobile app, meaning you can view the live FPL points of each player as they come in. It’s completely free to download, too!

4) The FPL Tips Newsletter

The FPLTips.com newsletter is essential reading for FPL managers in a hurry. This 5-minute read hits your inbox before each gameweek deadline with all the essential information you need to gain the edge over your mini-league rivals.

The newsletter combines expert knowledge from the best Fantasy Premier League managers in the world, aggregating top FPL tips, stats and news from the world of football into one short read.

It’s the key tool to stay in the loop with the latest FPL tips and trends without spending hours of your time. It’s free and easy to sign-up: just head to FPLTips.com and punch in your email address. 

5) Fantasy Football Hub Team Reveals

There’s no better way to make great fantasy football decisions than by following the insight and strategy of the best FPL managers. With Fantasy Football Hub Team Reveals, you can do just that.

Each week, some of the most experienced fantasy managers in the game set out their strategy for the upcoming gameweek, with an early look at potential transfers before finally locking in their teams close to the deadline.

These reveals are often available in written form on the Fantasy Football Hub website and video form on the Fantasy Football Hub YouTube channel. Track the experts’ transfer plans and take inspiration from their captaincy decisions.


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